Working at Periculo

We are always looking for new talent to join us at Periculo to pursue their cybersecurity careers. We are a team that loves to work hard and enjoy the rewards.

Our office is based in Malmesbury, Wiltshire benefiting from a refurbished office space within a stable conversion, and a separate break-out space with shower and kitchen facilities. Most recently a fully equipped functional fitness gym too.

We really believe that for the amount of time you spend at work, you should love the office that you go to and are always open to suggestions and improvements on how we can improve your cybersecurity careers.

See our open list of cybersecurity careers belowif you don’t see a role specifically for you, send in your CV to [email protected]

Open cybersecurity jobs

Cyber Security Consultant £35k–45k

We are looking for a Cyber Security Consultant to join the team, ideally moving from a junior role. The consultant should aim to have at least 3 years of experience in IT/Cyber Security as you will be trained to become a Cyber Essentials assessor amongst other duties.


What does it cover?

• Providing general security consultancy to customers

• Becoming an expert in a number of frameworks i.e. ISO27001, Cyber Essentials, and PCI DSS

• Performing remote security management services for our portfolio of customers

• Protecting from viruses and other malware

• Keeping your devices and software up to date

What are we looking for?

Outstanding customer service skills

Customer service is paramount. If your technical skills aren’t quite there, but you have great customer skills, the hard part is already over. Working with customers is at the core of our business and is one of our key principles.

The strive to deliver quality

There is no shortage of work in the security space and most organisations race to swamp engineers and consultants. We ensure that the balance is right to deliver quality and hire engineers who strive to deliver quality at all times.

Continually improving

At Periculo, we always learn from our mistakes. Everyone makes them but the important part is learning from them. As a business, some of our biggest improvements have come from the smallest mistakes and we engrain this in all our employees.


What are the benefits?

We run a number of benefits for employees, with on-site facilities such as a functional fitness gym, break-out space, a Barista coffee machine, a company bonus, and 25 days holiday.

Can I work from home?

All employees do flexible working. The office is still the hub of the company and, ideally, we expect all our employees to work 2 days a week from the office so that we can get together as a team. If this doesn’t suit you then still apply and we can talk.

Do you offer training?

Training is one of the most important things we offer in our cybersecurity jobs. All employees have a personalised training plan based on their career path and have an unlimited training pot if the training is relevant.

I don’t think I have enough experience. Is there any point in applying?

Apply! Send us a good cover letter and CV regardless of your experience.

We have trained a number of people with 0 days of experience in cybersecurity who are now fully-fledged consultants. We hire for the people primarily.

What equipment do you use for work?

All employees receive a new MacBook depending on their role (engineers get a more powerful machine), ergonomic mouse, magic keyboard amongst others. Sorry if you are a Windows user, but we prefer MacOS for our day-to-day work.

Do you allow time for research?

Yes, we do. We try and resource employees so that if they get their work done they have time for research and extra activities. We don’t want to throw more work at people who free up their time for learning and giving back.

Got what it takes to apply to our cybersecurity careers?

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at [email protected]

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