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A result driven team, ready to make an impact

We’re a team at the forefront of a new wave of security. Faster, more efficient and more pragmatic

Solve problems, build relationships

Security specialists doing things differently. Our experience has proven that good security requires strong relationships.

Of Audits

You don't want to look for a new provider each time

The benefits of having a partner instead of a provider means that we have a mutually beneficial relationship. The more we understand your business, the benefits increase over time

We know bad service

Our team have worked in many services capacities in different sectors, experiencing the same downfalls. Changing providers and low quality of work.

We built better processes

As a team we recognised that there are better, more efficient ways to work and delivery security services. We offer the same services as most, but faster and higher quality.

We retain partners long term

Relationship building is a key part for us. Even if you have a one off service, we will continue to deliver you benefit. Time partnered x knowledge gained = better service.

Meet our team

Our success is down to our forward thinking employees - we've carefully crafted the perfect blend of skills to create a full stack security team.

Junior Security Engineer
Archie Ross
Primary: AppSec
Secondary: GRC
Tertiary: Python, PHP

Archie is a junior Security engineer who specialises in application security.

Bryn Trotter
Senior Security Consultant
Bryn Trotter
Primary: Org Security
Secondary: Medical
Tertiary: AWS, MS365

Bryn is one of our senior security consultants who takes organisations from start to finish
Senior Security Consultant
Connor Bell
Primary: Org Security
Secondary: Compliance standards
Tertiary: AWS

Connor is one of our senior security consultants who takes organisations from start to finish
Cory Vollbrecht
Operations Director
Cory Vollbrecht
Primary: Ops management
Secondary: Security Management
Tertiary: ISMS, QMS, Sales

Cory is our operations director who oversees the day-to-day operations.
Cyber Product Manager
Craig Pepper
Primary:  Product management, Website management
Secondary: Marketing, Sales Ops

Working with multi-functional teams to develop, and bring to market cybersecurity products that meet the needs of our clients.
Finance and HR Manager
Deborah Morrissey
Primary: Finance and HR
Secondary: Ops coordination

Debbie manages our end to end finance and HR processes and helps our with operational coordination.
Harrison Mussell
Security Lead
Harrison Mussell
Primary: Security management
Secondary: Technical security, medical devices

Harrison is a lead consultant who specialises in organisational security, ensuring return on security investment and security architecture
James Mallam
Senior Security Engineer
James Mallam
Primary: Penetration Testing
Secondary: Technical security, Project consultancy

If you are looking for penetration testing, you want James. Leading our penetration testing function James is an expert penetration tester.
Mia Davis
Security Engineer
Mia Davis
Primary: Security Engineering
Secondary: Development, Languages

Mia boast many skills including being a talented developer and able to speak different languages. As part of our security engineering team she ensures that customers are technically secure and operating effectively
Security Engineer
Tom Godwin
Primary: Security Engineering
Secondary: DevSecOps

Tom has worked on a number of key projects including building part of one of the worlds most known devsecops tool. Our resident devsecops expert that is flexible and adaptable to work within organisations development pipelines.
Operations Manager
Ellis Gal
Primary: Ops Management
Secondary: Product Development
Tertiary: Bug Resolution, Feature enhancement

Ellis plays a critical role in managing day-to-day operations as well as the development and maintenance of our flagship SaaS tool, Harpe.

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